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Each digipill is designed to produce a gentle state of hypnotic relaxation similar to meditation or daydreaming. This allows the habit forming part of your mind to become receptive to change through suggestion. Suggestion works best through repetition and so the more you use your prescribed Digipill the stronger and more lasting the effects.

The audio files that you are listening to are highly complex with a great deal of subtlety and intricacy, in order to get the best effects from them you should use the highest quality headphones available to you. 

Digipill can induce a hypnotic effect on the listener, this can impair reaction times and distract the user from concentrating on driving. You should not use Digipill whilst driving or operating machinery under any circumstances. 

Yes. You are likely to see positive results over time and especially with repeated use. However the degree of change varies from person to person. 

No, the hypnotic effects of the Digipills will only last whilst listening to them and perhaps for a moment or two afterwards. 

No, the effects of the Digipills will last whilst listening to them and for a short while afterwards, however you are likely to notice desired improvements in your mindset and behaviour as a result of the experience.

Brian Colbert is much sought after, internationally recognised Mind Coach. He is a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP, a fully registered Psychotherapist and best selling Author. He features regularly on Irish National TV and press media.

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