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"Each Digipill has been uniquely formulated using specific blends of sound and language to gently engage and activate more of the mind. This makes it easier to bring about change, build new habits, and promote an overall sense of wellbeing." - Brian Colbert, leading expert in NLP, and psychoacoustic director of Digipill.

What is Digipill?

Digipill uses psychoacoustics to allow you to unlock your subconscious and change your perception.
There are no gimmicks or binaural beats involved; instead, Digipill uses completely unique techniques inside carefully crafted audio 'pills' which typically play for around half an hour - although the effects can often last for much longer - sometimes even a lifetime.

The Digipill technique has been specifically designed to help with real life issues including giving up smoking, building up confidence, and getting to sleep. The technique can even be used to approach natural highs not unlike that of some physical pills.

Research has been going on in this field since 1839 with the experiments of Prussian scientist H.W. Dove, and, more recently, Dr Raymer Ditson-Sommer has worked with Olympians since 1996 to see how audio can improve sporting performance, by helping to retain focus or building adrenaline before competing for example.

Simply choose a pill to suit the issue you'd like help with, sit back with some good quality headphones, and allow your mind to work with Digipill to unlock your subconscious.
The result is that in a little over 10 minutes you can find yourself gathering all the benefits of a delightful tailor-made experience that will set you up for the rest of your day, whether it is the night before your big speech, a time when you need to calm down, or that moment when you need a little extra motivation.
Most people will notice an improvement with each listen. For the best experience we suggest that you sit in a relaxing environment and remove any distractions.
Do not use Digipill whilst driving or operating machinery. Some pills can have a hypnotic effect which is highly relaxing and can inhibit the high degree of concentration needed to perform these actions.

Sample from "T-Break"

You are given a complimentary pill to try anytime you want. This will be the first pill in your cabinet. You can use it to try Digipill before downloading more advanced pills from the Pill Store.

The digital pills in this app have been created by internationally recognised Mind Coach Brian Colbert. Brian is a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP, a fully registered Psychotherapist, and best selling Author; an expert in this field.
Digital drugs have been reported on by the BBC and leading tech journals such as Wired. Digipill uses completely unique techniques however and does not use binaural beats. Digipill has been designed and developed by YUZA, the London-based mobile experience company. Digipill follows the extremely successful project, Dream:ON, where almost a million people took part in an experiment to see if you can influence your dreams.
So why not try it for yourself and see if it works for you; download the app and take a T-Break now.

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Available Pills

T-Break: Prescribed for relaxation

Take some time out. Use this pill to embark upon an effortless journey of ever growing comfort towards a state of calm and replenishment.

Resilience: Prescribed for perseverance

Circumstances pulling you down? This pill is designed to shut out distractions, to bring back hope and put your head in a good space.

Slim to Thin: Prescribed for motivation

This pill is designed to aid you in building that crucial motivation in helping you loose weight or quit a bad habit. Increase your will-power.

Closure: Prescribed for moving on

A pill to rid yourself of whats holding you back, to take the weight off your mind and move forward to take back control of your life again.

Sanctuary: Prescribed for a clear mind

This pill will help you become more confident & rested whilst also ensuring any anxiety drifts away effortlessly.

Trance Tripping: Prescribed for exploration

Take this pill to allow yourself to explore your mind with a trip deep into your subconscious. Sit back, chill out, and let yourself go...

Dream Weaver: Prescribed for achievement

This pill will help you charm reality from your dreams as you indulge in the benefits of deep unconscious rest.

Imagine: Prescribed for creativity

Become entranced as your unconscious mind takes more of the responsibility for guiding and directing your thoughts.

Babe Magnet: Prescribed for irresistibility

Use this pill to enhance your game. Immerse yourself in pleasure and spot the opportunities for sensual satisfaction with the opposite sex.

Man Magnet: Prescribed for passion

A pill to help you slip into positivity about the sexual you. Remind yourself that you are attractive. Build up your irresistibility to men.

Increasing Comfort: Prescribed for wellbeing

This pill has been prepared to increase your levels of comfort and so promote wellbeing and health. Feel reassured in your life.

Sleep Deeply: Prescribed for a night of rest

This soothing hypnotic lullaby will rid your mind of tension so that you can give yourself permission to drift into the welcoming arms of sleep.

Perfect Pitch: Prescribed for confidence

Got an important meeting or presentation coming up? This pill guides you to build self-confidence; to deal with objections eloquently and put your best foot forward.

Stop Smoking: Prescribed for a long life

Years of psychological research have culminated in the ultimate pill to help you kick the habit. For best effects, use repeatedly.

Fear of Flying: Prescribed for a calm journey

This pill has been specifically designed to help you combat a fear of flying and to allow you to travel in comfort. Take prior to or during flight.

Study Success: Prescribed for self-discipline

Designed to help you focus and maintain your concentration; this pill is perfect when preparing for stressful events such as exams.

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